The Connection Between Sex and Breathing

How does breathing affect your sex life?

As it turns out, a lot.

There are two mistakes one can make while having sex- breathing too quickly or not at all. While you won’t necessarily need to pay attention to your breathing in everyday life, it becomes an important factor when you’re in the act of lovemaking.

Why is that? Because breathing pace affects cardiac rhythm, and cardiac rhythm plays a huge role in the ejaculation process. One good example is when we run; breathing quickly increases cardiac rhythm to the upper levels, and breathing in a controlled pace slows it down.

In the act of sex, a person having a high cardiac rhythm is one that’s rapidly approaching ejaculation. So if you’re looking for a way to not ejaculate quickly, you better pay attention to your breathing. On the flip side, if you’re prone to holding your breath, oxygen levels decrease and as a result, you get tired much quicker. Erections won’t be as hard, your lady won’t be as aroused, and sex becomes less pleasurable for the both of you.

The key to longer sex? Control your breathing. Once you master it, you’ll be able to become harder, last longer in bed and reach new climax levels. Oh, and the more oxygen you get, the higher the sensation during sex. Experts recommend deep breathing during sexual intercourse because it gives couples a sense of euphoria. In short, the more deeply you breathe, the more you feel and the greater the sex becomes.

Men, a word of advice here. If you want to be better in the bedroom, you’ll have to relax and take full control of how you breathe. Yogis and meditation experts claim that breathing is the key to unlocking the secrets of your body, and this includes the quality of sex!

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Sit in a chair with your head up, your feet placed flat on the floor and your spine straight.

Step 2: Position your hands along your navel; start to relax your shoulders.

Step 3: Start breathing through your nose. Inhale, then feel your lower abdomen as it completely fills and expands with air. The diaphragm goes down and the navel pushes forward.

Step 4: Exhale. Relax the chest area and expel the air through your mouth forcefully in one motion. You’ll feel your abdomen pulling back and your navel moving towards your spine. You’ll also notice that your testicles and penis are naturally drawn straight up.

Step 5: Return to the default position, then start the breathing cycle (Steps 3 and 4) for 21 more times.

This abdominal exercise allows your body to feel the effects of deep breathing again. With regular practice your body will start breathing this way even while you sleep. You’ll find that abdominal deep breathing will come in handy during lovemaking sessions because you’ll last longer in bed and feel the full ecstasy when the climax finally comes.

Women, don’t think that you can’t benefit from this breathing exercise. Controlling your breathing leads to a better orgasm as well. Try to imagine how you were breathing when you were at your highest orgasmic point. Were you holding your breath or taking deep ones? If it was the former, then you aren’t experiencing your best sexual experience yet.

It’s perfectly understandable how you’d naturally hold your breath while leading to the climax. It could be due to nerves, excitement, fear or not wanting to disturb your neighbors or the kids. It’s quite difficult to break the habit of holding it in, but remember what workout instructors always tell their class- “don’t forget to breathe!”.

As mentioned earlier, dialing back on the oxygen can lead to tired muscles and lower quality of sex. Maximizing the presence of oxygen during sex increases circulation, which leads to an effective sexual response. More blood flow passing through the sex organ makes for better orgasms. If you’re holding back on breathing because you’re conscious of the sounds you make during intercourse, don’t. Dial back and concentrate on just breathing to achieve a higher plane of orgasm. Remember that slow breaths bring in more oxygen, and more oxygen makes blood flow better, leading to more intense and numerous orgasmic contractions.

Don’t hold your breath. Your sex life may just thank you for it!

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