Deep Breathing And Weight Loss- Is It For Real?

Deep breathing and weight loss illustration

Don’t dive into the realm of deep breathing only for the sake of losing weight. You’ll be disappointed.

This blog deals with breathing techniques and explains the benefits of proper breathing. However, as with any useful technique, there are people who will try to abuse it (for money reasons, off course) and to sell easy solutions for problems that simply can’t be solved that way.

So, here comes the popular one…

Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there is none! But, read on, I think you’ll find this post interesting.

With the craze over weight loss reaching new heights, there are also claims being made that deep breathing can effectively help you lose weight. The breath diet, or so it is called, seems to help you lose weight without engaging you in any rigorous exercise. So, that means people who spend hours in the gym, day in and day out, or people who follow strict meal plans, are simply wasting their time, energy and money? There is every reason to find out the truth behind this breath diet and whether it can actually help you lose weight. Does long breath diet work?

Miki Ryosuke, a former Japanese actor (I couldn’t find much about his acting career except a humble IMDB bio), claimed in 2013. to have lost as much as 2 stones along with 5 inches (from the waist region) in 7 weeks, by following this Long Breath Diet, that he invented by mistake! What a way to get your 5 minutes of fame, eh? Allegedly, Miki was trying to overcome his pain in the back region by practicing certain breathing techniques when he realized that he miraculously started losing body weight.

Now, how couldn’t you believe the man who looks like this:

Miki Ryosuke, self-claimed weight loss guru

Naturally, Miki decided to come up with the Long Breath Diet program, in which an individual has to take up a specified position prior to inhaling followed by powerfully exhaling for a timeframe of 7 seconds. Miki claimed that anyone who followed this diet for 2-5 minutes a day could effectively lose weight from their body.

Think about it! Would you want to follow a diet that has its origin in a “mistake” rather than strong background research to prove its authenticity? Now, to be fair, as I briefly searched, Miki Ryosuke didn’t try to directly monetize this method. However, he did get his name mentioned in media, which sure is a good sign for an fading fame actor. On the other hand, there were others who tried to charge good money for this exact idea but not all got away with it (case of Greer Childers and false advertising claims, more can be read here:

Now, to satisfy your curiosity, here’s how this breath diet works:

According to Miki, it can be practiced in 2 different ways:

In the first technique, you will need to:

  • tense your buttocks in standing position with a foot right in front of your body.
  • place maximum body weight on your back foot.
  • inhale while keeping your arms lifted above your head. Do this for 3 seconds.
  • After this, exhale while keeping all your muscles tensed for 7 seconds.

In the second technique, you need to:

  • stand in upright position with your buttocks tightened.
  • Keep one hand on the rear end of your back and another on your stomach.
  • In this position, inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds.

Miki opines that individuals practicing this diet for 2-5 minutes every day will experience immediate results. In fact, he goes one step further to claim that this diet will boost muscular strength and metabolism in practicing individuals.

But Here’s The Truth…

Most experts across the world strongly opine that this idea of practicing this diet for simply 2 minutes is not enough for experiencing any visible weight loss result. The British Olympic Medical Centre’s chief physiologist, Richard Godfrey, expressed his doubt by saying that only workouts with medium-high intensity such as brisk walking, running or rowing for a long time period, can elevate metabolism or burn body fat. Gentle exercises and deep breathing for 5 minutes daily cannot sufficiently burn up calories for transforming body shape.

Celebrated author of “Tao of Breathing”, Dennis Lewis, does agree that mindful breathing contributes to any weight loss program, but he does not encourage any form of “forced exercise” to lose weight because it can lead to possible spiritual, physical and psychological impairment. Instead, Lewis says that people should breathe naturally, have a balanced diet, and work out on regular basis.

By the way, here’s a video that shows you how NOT to do breathing exercises, and why opting for this breathing diet is as unreal as it sounds:


Parting Words Of Wisdom:

Prof. Ian Macdonald of (metabolic physiology) The School of Biomedical Sciences (Derbyshire), gives a warning to those interested in this diet. He says that such a diet will harm rather than do good to practicing individuals. Deep and aggressive exhaling and inhaling can cause a disturbance between the oxygen and carbon dioxide balance inside the body (as we have written on this blog already), which is required for neutralizing the blood. It can lead to lightheadedness as well as cause the individual to faint.

If you think that this deep breathing diet will help you gain a bikini figure, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. Generation after generation, experts have been voicing out the need for a healthy diet and healthy exercise regimen to keep the body fit, and they have been backed by evidences through dedicated researches conducted all over the world.

Facts (or a simple math, in other words):

Average person, at rest, takes about 12-20 breaths per minute. This means about 17-28,000 breaths a day. This burns 500-900 calories per day which makes a good portion of our basal metabolic rate (energy you burn if you do nothing but rest all the time). Deep breathing can increase this amount for 20% (according to Experts at the American Exercise Physiology Institute), meaning that you could lose additional 100-200 calories per day. One Big Mac has 540 calories, so, if you’re about to practice deep breathing the whole day, you’re free to take two additional bites of this burger. Good for you!

Conclusion: don’t dive into the realm of deep breathing only for the sake of losing weight. You’ll be disappointed and, most likely, quickly turn to another “lose-your-belly-fast” scheme.

Ok, but you’re here for some kind of weight loss advice, right? And, I don’t want to disappoint you, so here’s one. It’s a rapid plan, that you need to follow for 10 days, that will flatten and deep bloat your midsection.

The first thing is you got to do is to eliminate, from your menu, nine highly fattening foods:

  • beans
  • alcohol
  • dairy
  • gluten
  • high-salt foods
  • artificial sweeteners
  • soft drinks
  • sugar
  • high sugar fruits

Alright, so now you are getting rid of these foods for the next ten days, but what to eat?

Before that, there’s a secret called ‘seven-hour window’. This number is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to weight loss, so – come closer.

Science says, when we condense our food into a certain period of time we really heighten that fat burning.

So, whatever you eat…

…eat it between 11AM and 6PM.

But, for those seven hours what you can eat? I’m not going to give you some daily menu, you’ve seen those for so many times in your life. If you get rid of those junk foods above, and you stick to the 7-hour window, honestly, you can’t be wrong whatever you pick.

But, here are some ideas:

For breakfast have something little bit different – bone broth. This is actually a foundation of the mornings and here’s why – when your body gets what it needs, it’s not always looking for something else and bone broth is a way for you to get virtually no carbs, low calorie, lots of nutrition and it’s so easy and it’s inexpensive to make. Folks out there, who are objecting vehemently now because they want a breakfast type food you can add a little espresso powder in beef bran broth for a little extra kick. Sounds weird, but this it’s absolutely delicious. It does have a beef undertone and the caffeine as well, it’s warm and comforting.

There are also foods, that you can get away with, that won’t make you feel hungry rest of the day,  smoothies and shakes are wonderful. For example, this one is great:

It’s really great and keeps you full for a long period of time. For snack you can always go for bone broth where you can add some vegetables and make it a soup. Your meals have to be a nice mice mix of protein, vegetables and a healthy fat. That all helps us burn fat.

Oh, yes – breathe deeply as well 🙂