25 Awesome Deep Breathing Benefits

25 benefits of deep breathing execises

Proper breathing is not only essential in order to live, it has its own list of health benefits too. Start doing deep breathing practices and you can unlock the following benefits listed below:

1. Alleviates Painful Migraines

An overwhelming number of migraines are caused by excessive stress, but this can be easily solved by breathing the right way. Taking a moment to pay attention to your breathing stops the stress-migraine cycle and adds to your happiness, performance, quality of sleep and overall well-being.

2. Gives You A Good Night’s Sleep

Forget popping sleeping pills before bedtime; deep breathing is a natural relaxant that prevents sleep disorders such as insomnia and the like. 10 to 15 minutes of breathing exercises calms the nerves down and naturally encourages the body to start producing melatonin, the sleep hormone.

3. Improves Mood

Did you know that conscious breathing will make your brain produce neurochemicals that combat physical pain and bring you to a naturally elevated mood?

4. Activates Cell Renewal

Breathing makes your skin glow and look young again. It activates regeneration of the skin at the cellular level.

5. Provides Extra Energy and Renewed Stamina

Oxygen powers our cells and enables them to carry on their daily activities in keeping your body in tip-top shape. Oxygen starvation makes them tired easily and unable to eliminate the toxins inside the body. Deep breathing brings an ample supply of oxygen to get your cells up and running again. You’ll notice increased energy levels which allow you to complete your daily routine and still have enough left over for family time.

6. Helps Shed Off Excess Weight

Obese individuals should practice breathing exercises in order to lose weight the natural way. Oxygen helps your organs burn fat more efficiently. There’s good news for those who are underweight- the extra oxygen you can get from deep breathing rejuvenates tired muscles, glands and tissues to make them function well.

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7. Strengthens Your Cardiovascular Health

How would you like to help your heart? Deep breathing does this in 2 ways. First, you make your lungs work more efficiently, which means that you get more oxygen content delivered throughout the body, specifically the pathway from the lungs to the heart. Second, more air and oxygen means there’s a greater pressure in the lungs which translates to more oxygen and blood circulation. Yes, you can use deep breathing to lower blood pressure.

8. Strengthens Your Lungs

Your lungs are like the muscles in your body- the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. The stronger it is the less likely you’ll develop respiratory problems and illnesses.

9. Optimizes Your Nervous System

Oxygen is such an important ingredient to the well-being of your system, especially the nerves, the spinal cord and the brain. When these organs are saturated with life-giving oxygen the whole system improves, often with dramatic effect.

10. Enriches The Blood

Blood quality is improved with the presence of more oxygen. Deep breathing directly takes out carbon dioxide and enriches the blood running through your system.

11. Improves Food Assimilation And Digestion

Taking a moment to properly breathe while you eat introduces more oxygen into the digestive system, particularly the stomach and the intestines. Oxygenated food is easier to assimilate and is broken down into essential nutrients faster than with less oxygen.

12. Better Posture

Want to get a straighter posture? Deep breathing exercises will do the trick nicely. One of the requirements of these exercises is in keeping a straight back. When you practice it often you’ll get accustomed to consciously straightening up at all times.

13. A Stronger Immune System

Your immune system is boosted when more oxygen is introduced into it. Enriched blood certainly is a welcome boost when your immune system is fighting off illnesses and other health conditions.

14. Gives You More Muscle Strength

Deep breathing introduces a better oxygenation process which benefits the muscles of your body. Better muscle strength means you can lift more and work better throughout the day.

15. Gives Your Organs A Good Massage

When you move your diaphragm up and down the nearby organs and tissues get a stimulating workout. The pancreas, liver, stomach, small intestine experience a massage. Moreover, the upwards rhythm of the diaphragm also works the heart and make it pump more blood into the system. Don’t forget, your abdominal muscles will also be invariably exercised and strengthened along the way.

16. Relieves Pain Naturally

Consciously increasing your rate of breathing effectively shuts down the pain neural pathways and relieves sharp pain sensations such as cuts, burns, etc. Constant deep breathing exercises help those who are suffering from chronic pain in a holistic manner.

17. Releases Emotional Issues

Believe it or not, you can use deep breathing to clear your mind and body of emotional aches and pains.

18. Relaxes Your Whole Mind And Body

Proper breathing slows down the heart rate and relieves stress and anxiety anytime you need it. Here’s how you can relax both mind and body- purposefully center all attention to your breathing and take it slow. Be mindful of the tightness in your body, i.e, arms, neck and shoulders and allow them to become loose. You’ll also find your mind is energized and ready to tackle the day’s problems better. Read more about this in our article about deep breathing exercises for stress.

19. Reduces Overall Tension

When you feel angry, anxious and stressed out, the body naturally tenses and your muscles constrict. The lungs get affected and your breathing becomes more shallow. Deep breathing can restore your balance and reset your system to its default state.

20. Effective Detoxification

Deep breathing can eliminate up to 70 percent of the toxins stored in your body, which means if you’re not breathing properly then some of the toxins are stored within the body, causing all sorts of havoc. Your internal organs are taxed with the extra burden of eliminating them, which compromises the immune system.

21. Helps With Treatment Of Diabetes

Deep breathing relaxes and can help patients who are suffering from debilitating conditions such as diabetes. In some studies it was found that breathing exercises helped regulate insulin levels. However, don’t take this a the recommendation to drop your usual treatment!

22. Treats Menopause Symptoms

Stress brings about hot flashes and makes menopause more uncomfortable. Conscious breathing introduces a relaxation response that can stop stress and stop menopause symptoms at the source.

23. Helps With Smoking Cessation

Breathing exercises help uplift mood and decreases nicotine cravings for smokers and chain smokers alike. If you really have hard times in quitting, you might try some of these products.

24. Improves Sexual Stamina

Unconscious holding of breaths during sexual intercourse makes your muscles tire more easily and accelerates the process of ejaculation. If you want to stay in the game longer, consciously breathe through the diaphragm during sex and you’ll find yourself in full control over your orgasms. In other words, guys – if you’re closing to ejaculation, don’t hold your breath. Breathe deeply instead, and you’ll prolong it for a while. Read more in our article dedicated to deep breathing and sex

25. Beneficial For Safe Pregnancy

Expecting mothers get the following benefits from deep breathing exercises- reduced pain, improved oxygenation and uplifted mood and relaxation. Breathing exercises are also essential for safe delivery during labor.

+ Extra benefit:

Believe it or not, deep breathing helps if you suffer from hair loss. Yes, hair loss is caused by many factors: genetics, lifestyle, diet… but stress and poor blood flow also play their role. Improve your breathing and you’ll make a step in right direction when it comes to keeping your hair where it should be (on your head, that is). Read more about the connection between deep breathing and your hair condition in Lucianna Wesley‘s article on HairLossRevolution.com.


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